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Iowa State Fair is Coming!

How exciting!!  The Iowa State Fair is back in town.  August 11th, 2011 through August 21st, 2011. Listed in the book of ‘100 things To Do Before You Die’, you will find the Iowa State Fair.  I have not seen a huge portion of the world, but I have been to an Iowa State Fair and… Read more »

Contaminants in Your Water?

It is hard to imagine our drinking water having chemicals in it, but there are many present.  The amount allowed is set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and communicated by the ‘Maximum Contaminant Level’ or MCL, which is based on “what is feasible using the best available water treatment technology and taking cost into… Read more »

Where is the Outrage over Water Quality?

With all the concerns about our water and these findings of contamination in our water sources, why are we still struggling to have good, clean water?  It is vital to our very existence.  Harsher laws and penalties need to be enacted……here is a piece to read that I found to be very exact to our… Read more »


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Do Fridge Filters Remove Nitrates?

I have heard many people say, ” I filter my water in my fridge so I am safe!”  People that believe this should be cautious.  Standard fridge filters are unable to remove nitrates which have become a major concern in Des Moines, IA.  Crystal Clear can help in either residential or office applications.  We can install… Read more »

Jump aboard and “Drink Up”!

First Lady Michelle Obama wants all Americans to drink more water.  Her campaign  ‘You are what you drink – and when you drink water, you drink up.’ , encourages busy parents and families to make the healthy choice and drink more water.   Many Americans are not drinking enough water daily.  Obesity rates in our country are higher… Read more »

World Water Day: The Day to Recognize the Importance of Water

For many people in the world, clean water is so common that we tend to forget how very important it is, how very uncommon it is for so many other populations around the globe. Water is the cornerstone of our existence, and in 1993, the United Nations General Assembly declared that March 22 was to… Read more »

Des Moines Water Works Reports Record-High Nitrate Levels

Des Moines Water Works general manager William G. Stowe recently wrote a letter to the editor in the Des Moines Register explaining that nitrate levels in the water are at record highs…again. In 2013, Des Moines Water Works found that the nitrate levels in both the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers were at a record… Read more »