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SpringWell Pure Water Dispensor - 5 gallon The Beauty of the SpringWell   With the SpringWell Dispenser, bottled water is even more beautiful. And convenient as well. The natural elements of porcelain and oak are combined to from a classic design. From traditional to contemporary, the SpringWell blends into any setting. And only about one square foot of floor space is required. It is at home in the kitchen, dining room or study…any place you need pure, fresh water. Click Here to find out more on our line of Crocks and Stands and to take advantage of our Special Offer.
 FloJet Bottled Water Pump - Water Delivery Des Moines  FloJet Bottled Water Pumps The FloJet Single or Dual systems connect a water bottle to the system and fresh water is available for use with coffee/tea machines, water dispensers, refrigerators ice makers, or any other application where portable potable water is needed. The pump shuts off when the water source is depleted and when water is restored the pump will automatically restart. This eliminates the chance of any damage due to the appliance running dry.Up to 20% more energy efficient than previous BW systems, noise dampening rubber feet for quiet operation, illuminated on/off switch. Universal cap fits most water bottles. Suction wand contains a float switch to turn the pump off when bottle is empty. Wand also has a built in check valve to prevent water from flow back into the bottle. 48” suction wand hose Includes 20’ of 1/4 OD tubing. Click here for details
 Dolphin Hand Pumpfor Bottled Water Dolphin Hand Pump for Bottled Water  If you are looking for a durable bottled hand pump The Dolphin Hand Pump is the one you need. There are other brands that offer the same pump but this one has a good product review. People who bought them actually say they are satisfied with the performance and they work as expected. Some brands have few issues to durability and they don’t last as expected, so be careful in choosing the right one, read what other say to avoid repeating the same mistake other people encountered. Like most manual water pumps it is ideal for use in outdoor activities like camping and picnics. Click here for details.



  • The kids love the clear ice-cubes!

    Chris - Des Moines, IA

  • They responded right away, installation was neat and tidy.  We are very pleased with the service.

    Larry - West Des Moines, IA

  • We love our soft water.  The installer was very professional and courteous.

    Charles - Norwalk, IA

  • Best bottled water ever!

    Allison - Des Moines, IA

  • My hair is super clean with super soft skin. My skin does not burn from the chlorine like it did before. It is even more fun to wash your hands, soaps are more fragrant, it is like soft water makes them blossom!! Also, here is no buildup in the stools, cleaning is made easier!!!

    Susan - West Des Moines, IA

  • You can tell a huge difference! You use much less soap and it makes your face feel softer and smoother after washing. We love it!!

    Nancy - Ankeny, IA

  • The service we have received has been outstanding the servicemen most helpful and courteous.

    Mary Lou - West Des Moines, IA

  • Follow-up and service on my softener was great, much better than my previous provider!

    Erin - Van Meter, IA

  • Great quality work and took the time to explain things to us after the installation of the water treatment equipment.  These efforts are genuinely appreciated.

    Doug - Ankeny, IA

  • Thank you for having such a fine employees and making such a good product available to us.

    Don - West Des Moines

  • This thing is awesome!! I could not live without it. Mike, installer of the equipment, is the best. He always comes wearing a smile.

    Diane - Johnston, IA

  • Our water treatment keeps my whites white, and my toilet clean!

    Deb - Elkhart, IA

  • Our clients love our bottle-less water cooler from Crystal Clear Water.  The water tastes great and it has been completely hassle-free!

    Amy (Dale Carnegie Training) - West Des Moines, IA

  • We appreciate the great service, I have never had soft water before but I can definitely tell the difference!

    Brian - Ankeny, IA

  • My softener is wonderful, I wish I would have done it a long time ago.

    Brenda - Urbandale, IA

  • They answered all of our questions about our drinking water system and were very informative. I would highly recommend Crystal Clear Water!!

    Angela - Mitchellville, IA

  • I have been very pleased with the customer service over the last 7 years.

    Angi - Ankeny, IA