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WB Series 2


Price is per month rental.  Includes all service, salt is the responsibility of the home owner.

Extremely efficient and reliable, the WB Series 2 is a true workhorse of the industry.

  • High Density Composite Valve- Industrial strength valve
    engineered with glass-filled Noryl for pressure capability and
  • 12 Volt Electric System- Uses about the same electricity of an alarm clock, pennies!
  • Advanced Electronics
  • Water Meter Controlled- Only regenerates when needed, not based on a timer like inefficient competitors
  • Salt Efficient- Average family of 4 may only use a a bag or 2 a year!
  • Resins- Highest quality resins resist chlorine effects, promote
    efficiencies and long life.
  • Full One-Inch Valving-¬† Allows for full flow and pressure for today’s
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