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Little Joe Pod Brewer

This brewer may be available at no charge provided that monthly minimums are met.

Offices of all sizes can now have an upgraded coffee experience with Newco’s Little Joe small pod brewer. The dual water source design enables quick demos and installations regardless of water line availability. Engineered to handle high demand and designed to go anywhere, this brewer is ready for anything. 


  • Built-in option of pour over or direct plumbed in every unit, making it easy to provide drinks throughout the workplace with or without a water line.
  • Easy to use touchscreen gives options for drink selection, customization, and programming of features.
  • Drop down drink tray accommodates anything from travel mugs to traditionally smaller cups.
  • Auto/Manual ejection system disposes of brewed pods into integrated waste bin upon opening of unit.
  • Calibrate key brewing parameters such as pre-infusion and pulse brewing for optimal extraction and taste profile for a variety of coffee and tea pods.
  • Conserve energy usage with smart heating only during periods of use.
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This product is good for...
  • Offices of greater than 15 employees