How Does Delivery Service Work?

Setting up your bottled water delivery is easy. Here’s what you can expect:

  • After you sign up for bottled water delivery, we will contact you to select the date of your initial setup.
  • A Crystal Clear Water rep will arrive for your initial setup with your bottled water and water cooler. At this time, you may choose a designated spot for pickup of empties and drop off of full water bottles.
  • A couple of weeks later, depending on the size of the office, we will return for your first delivery.

Note: If you put your last bottle on the cooler and we have not contacted you for your first regular delivery, please call us so we can make sure you are scheduled soon!

  • Your route salesman can leave you with a copy of your delivery schedule if you would like, your delivery day is also available on-line through our customer login.
  • On your scheduled delivery day and your RRS will exchange the empties for full bottles.  If you would like a different number of bottles, or any of our other products delivered to you (such as sports bottles or coffee) contact us prior to your delivery day via phone, email, or your online account.