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How Much Salt Will My Softener Use?

You can easily calculate the amount of salt your softener will use with just a little information.  Salt consumption is based on a few parameters, such as: How many people are in the home? What are the average daily gallons used per person? How hard is the water? How often is your softener set to… Read more »

Does my softener tank need to be cleaned?

Over time scum will build up on the sides and bottom of your brine (salt) tank. This build-up or sludge residue occurs sooner if cube-style or pellet salt is used. Build-up in the brine tank can also occur sooner in areas of higher total dissolved solids, such as West Des Moines, Iowa. Generally, it is… Read more »

3 Reasons for Grimes Residents to Install a Water Softener

If you live in Grimes, Iowa, you are well aware of the water supply and quality issues the city has been trying to address for twenty years. Because the water supplied to Grimes comes mostly from wells, the water is especially hard in the area. The water hardness has significantly increased in the last year,… Read more »