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The simple act of breathing during the winter months can cause you to lose a significant amount of water, making it vital at this time of year to stay on top of your hydration needs and those of your loved ones, says the International Bottled Water Association. BY JILL CULORA Most people think of dehydration… Read more »

Benefits of Natural Alkaline Water

The Benefits of Natural Alkaline Water Natural alkaline water is water with the presence of dissolved minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.  The basic benefit of alkaline water is to reverse acidic conditions of the body. When the body is acidic, essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, are depleted faster.  Bacteria can breed faster.  This leads… Read more »


In light of the recent news surrounding Fluoride in our public water system we thought it would be beneficial to note that Crystal Clear Bottled Water does NOT contain Fluoride.  Have you done any research on the subject?  Please let us know your thoughts either on Facebook or on our company blog!

New EPA Findings of Carcinogens in U.S. Tap Water

Carcinogen – A substance or agent that causes cancer. A recent report suggests that millions of people could be ingesting harmful carcinogens. Crystal Clear Bottled Water is a place to go for all your water needs.  Whether you want a pure water delivered to your home or the convenience of filtering your own, Crystal Clear Bottled Water… Read more »

Tap Water and Your Bread

Let’s talk about tap water and your bread.  Recently published, was an article about tap water being bad for making bread.  The article claims that chemicals in the water kill the yeast.  As much as one might want to test that theory, I think I will continue using a pure water for my cooking needs.  For… Read more »

Tap Water and Your Food

Since tap water affects bread making (see the blog for last week), how does it affect your food.  Here is an interesting article to give you some insight. If you have a concern about your water, choose Crystal Clear Water, where you will find pure drinking water for your drinking AND cooking needs. Do you notice… Read more »

Chlorine in Your Home

Everyday it seems there is yet another concern about the water we use.  Chlorine is not a new health concern, but how many people know of the effects of chlorine and your body?  Here is an article, published just last week which will help you to see the risks of chlorine in your water and your body.  Most… Read more »

Water Problems Hit Close to Home

Problems with water treatment facilities happen close to home and seem to be happening more and more frequent.  It is becoming very apparent that the only ways to be certain you’ve got good water is to treat it at the point of use or have bottled water service!!  Choose Crystal Clear for either. See you next week… Read more »

Fluoride and Your Water

There has been a lot of speculation about fluoride in our water and if it is good for us or not.  Everything we seem to be reading tells us that it is not good for us.  Just in Des Moines, Iowa there is a huge concern for the amount of fluoride in our tap water.  One… Read more »

Do You Ever Get Water at a Restaurant?

What is up with the water needs at restaurants?  Do you find it displeasing that they do not offer good tasting filtered/purified water or even a bottled water option.    Then when they do offer it, they want to sell you a bottle of water for way too much!  I buy bottled water so I know… Read more »