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Water Softeners and Septic Tanks

I have been reading about concerns of having a water softener with a septic tank.  There is much speculation for and against.  The argument being that the sodium content of the water can negatively affect the bacterial growth in a septic system.  Some states, thankfully not Iowa, even ban the use of water softening equipment… Read more »

Soft Water Feel on Your Skin vs Squeaky Clean

In a society of commercialism and strong, effective marketing, we have been raised with the belief that the “squeaky-clean” feel from our water is a nice, clean feeling. We imagine we are cleansed, fresh & well, squeaky-clean. What these companies fail to tell us is that being squeaky clean is actually not the best for… Read more »

How Are Nitrates Metered in Des Moines?

Des Moines Water Works has a public website with a nitrate meter.  You can go to this often and see the daily flucutations of the nitrates in the Des Moines, Iowa area water system.  If you recall a previous blog on nitrates in your water, you will see why it is so important to meter… Read more »

Dogs, Cats, Bottled, or Tap Water?

There is compelling evidence that animals on tap water have more harmful agents in their tissues than animals using water that has been treated to remove those contaminants. Sadly, many animals are used for testing risks of water contaminants & those tests find increased cancer risks in animals. One website even mentioned that the compounds… Read more »

Hard or Soft Water – What Do Your Clothes Say?

As I was perusing water articles for my next blog, I found a WQA (Water Quality Association) informational soft water piece. It talks about all the waste that occurs when you don’t have your hard water treated to be soft water. Within the first paragraph this sentence caught my eye……”An often overlooked budget waster is… Read more »

Let Us Know What We Can Find Out About Your Water

As I work on a few new blogs to add for your viewing, I wanted to take this time to ask you what you would like to see in our blogs.  Whether it is questions about tap water; treated water or filtered water, we can find out what you need to know.   We have been… Read more »

Bottled Water – It Should Be Your Choice

The Des Moines Register recently printed an article written by Diane Heldt for ‘The Gazzette’, in Cedar Rapids, titled ‘Iowa schools offer alternatives to bottled water’. As a consumer that has concerns about water from the tap, I find this movement very disturbing. When did we come to a point that we are not given choices… Read more »

Electronic Water Softeners-NO Salt required!

There is probably no better axiom that describes my experience as the one that says, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”   My story begins some 36 years ago; just after we built our new home. A few years later, we purchased a water softener. Mere days after its installation, we… Read more »

Why is it important to Buy Local?

We have all heard before that it is important to buy local, time to take action.  Ask your suppliers, “Where does the money end up in the end?  Who owns the company?”  If the money ends up outside of Des Moines, or even Iowa, or they don’t know who actually owns them, it may be… Read more »

What is the best salt for my softener system?

There are three types of softener salts:  rock salt, evaporated salt & solar crystal salt.   Rock salt is mined from salt deposits & used in its rawest form.  This means it contains more insoluble materials.  Impurities such as calcium sulfite would remain in rock salt & will not dissolve.  Using rock salt will lead… Read more »