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Do You Know What’s in Your Water?

You wouldn’t take pain killers or prescription medications you don’t need so why are you still drinking tap water? A new study has found that our nation’s water supply is contaminated with prescription drugs, over-the-counter pain killers, antihistamines and more. These drugs have already begun to have an effect on our ecosystem and since they… Read more »

Ankeny, Iowa Water Violation

The Des Moines Register recently published an article about the City of Ankeny’s water distribution system being in serious violation of a drinking water standard according to a recent press release by the City of Ankeny. The water situation is not currently being identified as an emergency but the tests came back showing the maximum… Read more »

Des Moines Water Works Reports Record-High Nitrate Levels

Des Moines Water Works general manager William G. Stowe recently wrote a letter to the editor in the Des Moines Register explaining that nitrate levels in the water are at record highs…again. In 2013, Des Moines Water Works found that the nitrate levels in both the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers were at a record… Read more »

Des Moines Water Works’ Lawsuit May Be Slow to Change Agriculture

If you’ve been following the Water Blog, you know that consistently high nitrate levels found in both the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers has forced Des Moines Water Works to consider litigation against three Iowa counties. Unregulated agricultural runoff from Calhoun, Sac, and Buena Vista counties in Northwest Iowa have, according to Water Works CEO… Read more »

What are the risks of lead in drinking water?

The dangerously high levels of lead found in drinking water has brought the city of Flint, Mich. international attention in the recent weeks. A number of children tested positive for lead poisoning, and the number continues to rise. The problem began when city officials changed its water supply source. The new water caused lead to… Read more »