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Water Softener Energy Savings

In honor of Earth day we wanted to talk about a study conducted by Battalle Memorial Institute compared the difference of household appliances / products that use water.  For example, gas water heaters, electric water heaters, tankless heaters, showerheads, faucets, dishwashers and washing machines are some of the best examples. A gas water heater, using water… Read more »

Water Softener- 3 Clear Reasons to have one

Today we celebrate the earth, and of course, the need to protect our environment for future generations.  Speaking of those generations, ever notice how many clothes they leave us to wash?  In another part of our water softener series for Earth Day, it is important to mention the three environmental (and $$$ saving!!) reasons for… Read more »

Soft Water Saves your Home

Just because Earth Day has passed it is still important to celebrate our Earth everyday.  There are many ways to continue to help our Earth, improve our environment & pass this one to all generations to come. Consider showerheads, faucet and fixtures.  Over time, with hard water, they become clogged and unusable.  Your flow rate… Read more »

Tankless Water Heaters and Your Home

Last week we received a call from a woman, in the Des Moines, Iowa area, about needing a water softener for her new tankless water heater she had purchased.  We briefly mentioned the energy savings of a tankless heater in a previous blog in April, in honor of Earth Day, which is April 22nd. There… Read more »

Water Softeners and Septic Tanks

I have been reading about concerns of having a water softener with a septic tank.  There is much speculation for and against.  The argument being that the sodium content of the water can negatively affect the bacterial growth in a septic system.  Some states, thankfully not Iowa, even ban the use of water softening equipment… Read more »

Why is it important to Buy Local?

We have all heard before that it is important to buy local, time to take action.  Ask your suppliers, “Where does the money end up in the end?  Who owns the company?”  If the money ends up outside of Des Moines, or even Iowa, or they don’t know who actually owns them, it may be… Read more »

Arsenic – The Silent Contaminant

What is arsenic?  Arsenic is a highly poisonous metallic element and considered a contaminant in the drinking water.  Arsenic is found naturally in rocks and soil, plants, air and water.  It can also be released into the environment from some agricultural and industrial sources. It is primarily found in two forms: trivalent (arsenic III) and… Read more »

Trihalomethane’s – It’s what you drink!

In an earlier blog, I explained about trihalomethane’s (THM’s) in the tap water and how years of exposure can lead to serious health problems.  This link addresses levels of trihalomethane’s recently found in Iowa’s local water source (s).  The levels found are higher than set by EPA standards.  This article is for residents of Waukee,… Read more »

Wonder what Norman thinks about Drake’s Bottled water Ban?

Drake University, in Des Moines, chose to ban bottled water sales on the campus.  The story is getting some attention, even wrote an article.  Let us know what you think, was this smart or will it end up similar to Norman’s experience?

Do Fridge Filters Remove Nitrates?

I have heard many people say, ” I filter my water in my fridge so I am safe!”  People that believe this should be cautious.  Standard fridge filters are unable to remove nitrates which have become a major concern in Des Moines, IA.  Crystal Clear can help in either residential or office applications.  We can install… Read more »