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Coffee Frustration? The Solution: Single Cup Brewing

Who is with me on this? You just want a cup of coffee and it seems forever for the coffee pot to brew. Some days it just seems like it should be simpler. Guess what?! It is! Now you can brew coffee by the cup. Within a minute you could have a perfect cup of… Read more »

Coffee: Drink to Your Liking

How great is it to find that drinking coffee could be so beneficial to your health? As I sit here reading all the benefits of coffee, while enjoying a nice cup of Crème Caramel pod coffee, I think back to years past that coffee was considered an addictive drug and bad for your health. I… Read more »

Why is it important to Buy Local?

We have all heard before that it is important to buy local, time to take action.  Ask your suppliers, “Where does the money end up in the end?  Who owns the company?”  If the money ends up outside of Des Moines, or even Iowa, or they don’t know who actually owns them, it may be… Read more »