Des Moines Water Works Reports Record-High Nitrate Levels

Des Moines Water Works general manager William G. Stowe recently wrote a letter to the editor in the Des Moines Register explaining that nitrate levels in the water are at record highs…again. In 2013, Des Moines Water Works found that … Continue reading

Ankeny, Iowa Water Violation

The Des Moines Register recently published an article about the City of Ankeny’s water distribution system being in serious violation of a drinking water standard according to a recent press release by the City of Ankeny. The water situation is … Continue reading

How Water is Fighting the War on Obesity

What if more people chose water? The Partnership for a Healthier America is arguing that if more people choose water the obesity percentages will begin to decrease. The Campaign In an effort to curtail obesity, The Partnership for a Healthier … Continue reading