Why Does My Des Moines Water Smell Bad?

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You may have noticed that your water smelled and tasted a little odd yesterday. This is because recent runoff caused by the warmer weather has affected the water in Des Moines, Iowa and the surrounding areas. The Des Moines Water Works says that due to the warmer weather, all of the extra runoff that has gotten into the water supply increased the need for chlorine in the water that flows throughout the pipes in Des Moines. The chlorine levels had to be increased in order to combat the ammonia levels in the Raccoon and Des Moines rivers, the main sources for the Des Moines water supply. More chlorine had to be used to maintain adequate disinfection in the water supply, hence the unpleasant chemical smell and taste.

What really constitutes normal though? Normal chemical levels still means chlorine is present in your drinking water which is used to protect the water against bacteria contamination as the water is transported underground in pipes to our houses and businesses. While this is good to kill any potential bacteria that could be growing or introduced through a water main break, which are at record highs this year, this is the same water that some drink and cook with every day!  Chlorine is a carcinogen according to the EPA, so should we be drinking it everyday throughout our lives?   Your clothes and dishware will be fine but what about your body?  Furthermore, no one should have to drink water that smells funny and has an unpleasant taste.  Customers of Crystal Clear Water choose a higher quality of water for themselves and their families.  With Crystal Clear you can have safe, clean, and purified drinking water delivered to your home or office.  Contact us today to learn more about how you and your family can start drinking safer water.


Source: http://www.woi-tv.com/story/24780489/why-your-water-might-have-smelled-weird-today