What is the best salt for my softener system?

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There are three types of softener salts:  rock salt, evaporated salt & solar crystal salt.


Rock salt is mined from salt deposits & used in its rawest form.  This means it contains more insoluble materials.  Impurities such as calcium sulfite would remain in rock salt & will not dissolve.  Using rock salt will lead to frequent cleaning of the salt reservoir.  The impurities collect at the bottom of the brine tank and will eventually clog the brine tank outlet.


Evaporated salt is a purer salt than rock salt.  It is taken from the rock salt deposits in process of dissolving.  Moisture is evaporated out & only salt is left.  Evaporated salt is hard to find & more expensive to buy.  This salt is mainly used in cooking processes.  On average this salt can cost .44 to .58 cents per pound.


Lastly, and the best yet, is solar crystal salt.  Solar salt is from evaporated sea water.  The process includes evaporating seawater with sunlight.  Solar crystal salt has a lower sodium content and much lower insolubility level than other salts.  It is a much purer salt then rock salt and the best salt for your softener system.  There would be less cleaning and clogging of your softener system.


Crystal Clear Water, of Des Moines, Iowa, uses the Ecowater brand of solar crystal salt.  The Ecowater brand has the least amount of impurities of all solar crystal salt brands.  This salt ranges from .14 to .16 cents per pound, when picked up or delivered through Crystal Clear Water. Contact us to learn more about our water softener salt delivery service.


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