What are the risks of lead in drinking water?

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The dangerously high levels of lead found in drinking water has brought the city of Flint, Mich. international attention in the recent weeks. A number of children tested positive for lead poisoning, and the number continues to rise. The problem began when city officials changed its water supply source. The new water caused lead to leach from service lines and home plumbing. 

What is the risk?

Lead may be present in piping and plumbing fixtures found in customers’ home and if drinking water is corrosive, it can corrode lead services lines and plumbing fixtures, resulting in elevated lead levels.

Lead in drinking water presents a severe public health risk. Lead poisoning is a serious condition, which can lead to long-term health impacts, including damage to the liver, kidneys or even the brain. Exposed children also may develop mental issues due to the increased lead exposure.

How can I protect myself from lead poisoning?

The best way to protect you from lead exposure in tap water is to not drink water directly from the tap. People all over the country are turning to bottled water for drinking and cooking needs, With Crystal Clear Bottled Water, your water can be delivered straight to your home on a regular basis.

If water coolers or bottled water is not for you, Crystal Clear provides alternate solutions to give you the purest water including, a pump system or water purification system installed in your home.

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Water Purification Process

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