Water Softeners and Septic Tanks

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I have been reading about concerns of having a water softener with a septic tank.  There is much speculation for and against.  The argument being that the sodium content of the water can negatively affect the bacterial growth in a septic system.  Some states, thankfully not Iowa, even ban the use of water softening equipment with septic tank systems.

After spending some time researching this, I have found much positive information based on studies designed to address these concerns (done by reputable sources such as NSF or National Sanitation Foundation & WQA or Water Quality Association). These studies showed that softened water has slightly higher sodium content over untreated water and can actually promote bacterial growth in the septic systems, bacteria growth in septic systems is good!

Here is a great informational piece for questions and answers concerning this.  Also, here is another link to the debate and study of this age old issue.

Does anyone reading this have a softener coupled with a septic system?  I would love to hear from you.

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