Trihalomethane’s – It’s what you drink!

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In an earlier blog, I explained about trihalomethane’s (THM’s) in the tap water and how years of exposure can lead to serious health problems.  This link addresses levels of trihalomethane’s recently found in Iowa’s local water source (s).  The levels found are higher than set by EPA standards.  This article is for residents of Waukee, Iowa in Dallas County.

WATER SUPPLY: Chemical Found In Waukee Water


Also, just last week an article published about high maximum containment levels (MCL’s).  In earlier blogs, I have given you information on MCL’s & the risk they pose to our health.  This warning is also about high levels of trihalomethane’s specifically affecting residents of eastern Polk County, Iowa.  These would be residents of Altoona, Pleasant Hill, Mitchellville, Runnells and surrounding areas of eastern Polk County, Iowa, that are being affected.


Water Impurities Prompts Warnings