The Truth About Berkey Filters: Why They’re Not Right for Iowa

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You may have heard of the Big Berkey, one of the water filtration products offered by Berkey Filters. While Berkey touts removing over 95% of heavy metals and 99.9% of pathogenic bacteria, their filtration process is not as thorough as you may think. If you or someone you know currently uses a Berkey filter, consider these reasons to switch to Crystal Clear Water today.

Berkey is prohibited from selling in Iowa

While Berkey says they cannot sell in Iowa due to the state’s licensing fees, they are actually not approved for sale because Iowa requires companies to prove their purification claims, and Berkey refuses to comply. If they cannot support their own claims of removing over 95% of heavy metals and 99.9% of pathogenic bacteria, how many harmful chemical compounds and microbes are you actually consuming in Berkey filtered water?

At Crystal Clear, we strongly believe that water isn’t the only thing that should be transparent, but that filtration processes should be too. That’s why our purification numbers aren’t just claims—they’re facts. We provide frequent water filtration reports with accurate data so you never have to wonder what’s in your water. Additionally, Crystal Clear has been approved to sell in the state of Iowa for more than 40 years. Whether you live in Des Moines, Ottumwa, Cedar Rapids or Waterloo, we’ll deliver the best-quality water or install a state-of-the-art filtration system in your home or office.

Berkey filters don’t remove nitrates

Nitrite and nitrate levels must be regulated in drinking water because they can cause serious health problems, especially for infants. Berkey’s claim of removing 95% of nitrites is not possible due to their climate and purification type. Nitrates have been in the local news a lot lately, given the pending litigation Des Moines Water Works is pursuing against three northern Iowa counties. Berkey uses carbon filtration to purify water; however, according to the EPA, the only treatment methods proven to remove nitrate from water are ion exchange, reverse osmosis, and electrodialysis.

The bottled water from Crystal Clear has zero nitrites and nitrates. If you live in the Des Moines area and are concerned about the nitrate levels in your drinking water, ask us about our home filtration system.

Berkey filters are slow and inconvenient

Because Berkey products slowly filter water into pitchers, cold, refreshing water is not readily available when you want it. Additionally, the pitchers are bulky, taking up space in the refrigerator or on your countertop.

You can have cold, crisp water whenever you want it with a water system from Crystal Clear. We’ll install a cooler in your basement that can be pumped directly to your fridge for purified ice cubes and a dedicated faucet for drinking water.

Berkey filters require unnecessary maintenance

In order for Berkey filters to work, they require regular cleaning. People who own a Berkey product must remove the filter and scrub it with a scouring pad just to ensure it functions properly. This cleaning method has the potential to introduce harmful bacteria and hinder the filter’s performance. In short, any attempt to clean the filter could actually create an unsanitary environment for your drinking water.

Crystal Clear’s water coolers and home filtration systems are easy to use and easy to maintain. If you want clean, great-tasting water, give us a call. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about water quality and our filtration systems.