Soft Water Feel on Your Skin vs Squeaky Clean

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In a society of commercialism and strong, effective marketing, we have been raised with the belief that the “squeaky-clean” feel from our water is a nice, clean feeling. We imagine we are cleansed, fresh & well, squeaky-clean. What these companies fail to tell us is that being squeaky clean is actually not the best for us. That squeaky clean feel is really dirt, dead skin, and soap scum. This residue being left on your skin can cause clogged pores.

We are stuck in a vicious cycle of cleaning products, soaps and shampoos and smelling like you just climbed out of a Christmas tree does not always mean you are clean. We have been brainwashed to believe that using detergents with fragrance additives will get our bodies’, clothes’ & dishes’ clean, this is not necessarily true. Dermatologists acknowledge that soaps enhanced with perfumes or fragrance can have some negative effects, such as dry, irritated skin. Many dermatologists recommend pure and natural soaps, void of detergents or fragrance. If you can smell detergent, then you have residue left over from hard water. To be truly clean, you should not smell detergent, soaps, or any fragrance from shampoos & there would be no need for conditioning your hair. Conditioning hair comes from residue left over from shampoos and soap scum that builds up on your hair.

The buildup on your hair and body is the same as the soap scum build up in your bathtub, it also builds up on shower curtains, doors, faucets and fixtures. Not only does this affect our skin, but it also affects our clothes and appliances. Imagine the soap scum you feel on your body sticking to your water-using appliances and pipes. Eventually this soap scum will build up and shorten the life of your appliances. With soft water, the Water Quality Association (WQA) estimates a savings of 75% in soaps and detergents

While not having a water softener in Des Moines may seem like a cheaper route, they can actually pay for themselves by reducing all soap usage by up to 75%, eliminating the need for expensive lotions and crèmes and increasing the life of your water using appliances. Furthermore, it is also tough to put a price on the time you save cleaning your bath tub, shower and sinks.

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