Soda Pop, Diabetes, and Water

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I found this great quote…..’Water is the most neglected nutrient in your diet, but one of the most vital’…….Kelly Barton.  I was thinking about a topic of soda pop and diabetes, and this seemed like an appropriate quote for this week’s blog.  Coming from a family with a history of diabetes through the generations, this is a very huge problem that hits close to home for millions of people, including my own.

In 2004 the American Medical Association published a new study in which pop has been linked to a rise in diabetes.  These studies were done by scientists in the U.S.  Since then studies have shown a link to even diet pop and Type 2 diabetes.  Those that drink diet pop on a daily basis have a 67% greater chance of having Type 2 diabetes.  Want another reason to choose water over pop for the day, it can ruin your smile; pop – including sugar free pop – contributes to tooth decay. 

Bottled water is strongly recommended, and a person with diabetes should always keep bottled water with them at all times (be sure the bottled water you buy is from an IBWA member).  Crystal Clear can provide good, pure, clean drinking water through water treatment and purification equipment in the Des Moines area to treat your water so it tastes better.  It’s an easy and healthy choice over the pop alternative.  

What a great thing to do for your body, throw out the pop, give your body what it needs to survive, good water!

See you next time at ‘The Water Blog’!!!