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  • Jump aboard and “Drink Up”!

    Blog, Health

    First Lady Michelle Obama wants all Americans to drink more water.  Her campaign  ‘You are what you drink – and when you drink water, you drink up.’ , encourages busy parents and families to make the healthy choice and drink more water.   Many Americans are not drinking enough water daily.  Obesity rates in our country are higher... Read more »

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  • Do Fridge Filters Remove Nitrates?

    Blog, Bottled Water, Environmental Issues, FAQ, Health, Reverse-Osmosis

    I have heard many people say, ” I filter my water in my fridge so I am safe!”  People that believe this should be cautious.  Standard fridge filters are unable to remove nitrates which have become a major concern in Des Moines, IA.  Crystal Clear can help in either residential or office applications.  We can install... Read more »

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  • What water should I use for my infant’s formula?

    Blog, Bottled Water, FAQ, Health

    Have you noticed the influx of babies being born in this decade?  There seem to be a lot of babies recently born to family, to friends, and there is always news of another celebrity baby.  Which raises the question of what is the safest water to use, with formula, for your infant?  Having researched many... Read more »

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  • Nitrates Hit Record High in Des Moines

    Blog, Bottled Water, FAQ, Health, Reverse-Osmosis

    According to the Des Moines Water Works, Nitrate levels hit all time highs this last week.  Des Moines Water Works continues to do an excellent job of providing Des Moines and the surrounding area (Ankeny, Urbandale, Johnston, Pleasant Hill, and parts of West Des Moines) quality water to perform daily needs.  However, Nitrates are dangerous... Read more »

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  • A Slimmer You by Summer

    Bottled Water, FAQ, Health

    There are many ways to improve our daily lives that help us to be healthy and slimmer.  One of those ways is simply swapping out your soda pop for water.  Explaining how bad soda is for your body is a whole blog for another day.  The simple fact, however, is that soda has 300 calories,... Read more »

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  • Wonder what Norman thinks about Drake’s Bottled water Ban?

    Blog, Environmental Issues, Health

    Drake University, in Des Moines, chose to ban bottled water sales on the campus.  The story is getting some attention, even wrote an article.  Let us know what you think, was this smart or will it end up similar to Norman’s experience?

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