Nitrates Hit Record High in Des Moines

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According to the Des Moines Water Works, Nitrate levels hit all time highs this last week.  Des Moines Water Works continues to do an excellent job of providing Des Moines and the surrounding area (Ankeny, Urbandale, Johnston, Pleasant Hill, and parts of West Des Moines) quality water to perform daily needs.  However, Nitrates are dangerous when consumed and due to the fact that only 1% of water produced by municipalities is for drinking, it does not seem right that the cost of the worlds largest nitrate removal facility is passed onto the taxpayers.  Treating water in the home to a higher standard or provided Crystal Clear Bottled Water is a more economical decision, our water always tests ND for Nitrates, which stands for Not Detected.  You can monitor the nitrate level in the river through the USGS, it is pretty cool to see it real time.  Take a look at our latest water tests, eliminate the concern for your family and choose Crystal Clear Water!