New Year’s Resolution – Drink More Water!

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How many of you made a resolution to drink more water?  That is a step in the right direction to a healthier, more well……..well, you.  Water is the most precious commodity, other than food, we have been given to survive.  you want to be sure to consume the required daily amount of 60-80oz of water a day.  You need more water if you are active, to help replenish the daily dehydration that takes place in your body.  The most important part is to drink quality water, it is better for your body and makes it more appealing than a sugary alternative.  Choose a bottled water or consider installing a reverse osmosis system in your home, your family will thank you.

Check out how healthy Crystal Clear Bottled Water is for you.  For every 5-gallon bottle, there is 640oz of water.  Use it for your cooking needs, coffee, tea, Kool-aid for the kids.  It does your body good.

Also, check out earlier blogs if you want to know about the contaminents in your water.  See you next time at ‘The Water Blog’!!