Let Us Know What We Can Find Out About Your Water

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As I work on a few new blogs to add for your viewing, I wanted to take this time to ask you what you would like to see in our blogs.  Whether it is questions about tap water; treated water or filtered water, we can find out what you need to know.   We have been serving the central Iowa water needs for almost 40 years now.  Locally owned & operated gives you a secure guarantee that you will receive the best answers for your water concerns.

So please take this time to reply about one of my older blogs, or give us your questions we can answer for a future blog.  I have been studying information on water for almost a decade and I still am learning new (sometimes harmful) information about our water.  Ask us anything about your tap water, our drinking water , or our treatment systems for your home or office.

Until next time at ‘The Water Blog’!!!