Iowa State Fair is Coming!


How exciting!!  The Iowa State Fair is back in town.  August 11th, 2011 through August 21st, 2011.

Listed in the book of ‘100 things To Do Before You Die’, you will find the Iowa State Fair.  I have not seen a huge portion of the world, but I have been to an Iowa State Fair and every year it just gets bigger and better.  Living very close to the fairgrounds, I see the progress everyday, driving by as I come to work.  With only 15 days left to the fair, you can feel the “fair anticipation”.  Even here, we have already begun preparations for our part in the fair.

A special feature of the Iowa State Fair is the water available.  Mountain Valley Spring Water is proud to sponsor our Iowa State Fair.  This is the only state fair in all 50 states that has Mountain Valley Spring Water & what an honor!  Mountain Valley Spring Water is one of the best natural alkaline waters in the world, being bottled since 1871.  To learn more click here, we offer this great water for your home or office.  Pick it up at our Des Moines, Iowa location or contact our office to have it delivered.

Do make sure to stop by our booth (s), we are located in the Varied Industries Building.  You will find us at booth’s 477 & 478 on the floor plan.  Introduce yourself, learn more about our great water, water softeners, reverse osmosis systems and ways to improve your water quality at home.

See you at the Iowa State Fair, stay safe, hydrated & have fun.  Until next time at ‘The Water Blog’!!!