Hard or Soft Water – What Do Your Clothes Say?

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As I was perusing water articles for my next blog, I found a WQA (Water Quality Association) informational soft water piece. It talks about all the waste that occurs when you don’t have your hard water treated to be soft water. Within the first paragraph this sentence caught my eye……”An often overlooked budget waster is hard water and its effect on laundry. ” I thought I would share it with you….especially for those of you that look for ways to improve your life & keep YOUR money in YOUR bank. It is a great article¬†why soft water is so important¬†to your life from the aspect of your clothes and appliances.

I used to live in a small town in Iowa that had 10 gpg (grains per gallon) of hardness in the water. We always felt that our water was great. But, in reality, I can’t believe how much money was wasted by not having soft water in my home. Our water was considered ‘very hard water’ & we had not been educated on the benefits and financial savings by having a water softener that treated our ‘very hard water’.

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