Soft Water Saves your Home

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Just because Earth Day has passed it is still important to celebrate our Earth everyday.  There are many ways to continue to help our Earth, improve our environment & pass this one to all generations to come.

Consider showerheads, faucet and fixtures.  Over time, with hard water, they become clogged and unusable.  Your flow rate is compromised and water is wasted.  How about your dishwasher?  With softened water you use less detergent, spotting & filming is greatly improved.  Also, your dishwasher remains efficient with no clogging from the solids in your water.  Another plus, with soft water, you can air dry and still have sport free dishes.  No need to waste the electricty!

How beneficial to have a water softener in Des Moines, Iowa.  With water softening or a filtration system you can help the Earth everyday.

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