Dogs, Cats, Bottled, or Tap Water?

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There is compelling evidence that animals on tap water have more harmful agents in their tissues than animals using water that has been treated to remove those contaminants. Sadly, many animals are used for testing risks of water contaminants & those tests find increased cancer risks in animals. One website even mentioned that the compounds found in drinking water are toxic and carcinogenic to animals.

Talking with my vet, she verbally confirmed that tap water is even harder on our pets. They have much smaller organs to process the same number of contaminants as the human body. If some of these contaminants in the tap water are just below lethally ingested amounts (see previous blogs for this information), then it would stand to reason that those same contaminants are lethal to our pets and animals. Most of us already know what would happen if you put fish in un-treated water. They die very quickly.

I have heard testimonials, from customers, how their pets react to our Crystal Clear Bottled Water. It is amazing to hear their stories. One woman said that her dog was riddled with arthritis and miraculously turned into a puppy again, jumping all around, after putting him on Crystal Clear Bottled Water. Another woman was having problems with her dog having incontinence issues until switching over to Crystal Clear Bottled Water and her dog has not had an accident since.

My own story…..I have a Persian cat. I got her at the age of 7 months, back in May of 1993. She started having urinary infections at the age of 7 years old. She would have to go on antibiotics on several occasions for this. In 2000 the vet told us she was having kidney/renal problems, which is consistent with her breed. In 2005, I put her on Crystal Clear Bottled Water. She has never had an infection since. In 2009, we were told she was diabetic, and has been on two shots a days since. In early 2010, we were told she is in total renal failure, and has fluids injected on a regular basis. Still (knock-on-wood) there has been no kidney infections or any reasons for antibiotics or medications. The last round at the vet, we were told she is now in liver failure. We were still told she probably has a good 2 years of life before we would see her life quality start to decline. At the age of 19 years old, I asked the vet, “Do you think it has something to do with the pure water she is on?” The vet just answered, “You may be on to something.”

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