Do You Know What’s in Your Water?

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You wouldn’t take pain killers or prescription medications you don’t need so why are you still drinking tap water? A new study has found that our nation’s water supply is contaminated with prescription drugs, over-the-counter pain killers, antihistamines and more. These drugs have already begun to have an effect on our ecosystem and since they are being recycled back into our water. A study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency looked at samples from 50 water treatment facilities and found that out of all of the contaminants, high blood pressure medications occurred most frequently and in the highest concentrations. Essentially this means that whether you need it or not, if you are drinking tap water you are most likely drinking blood pressure medication among other contaminants. One would think that there would be government standards in place to prevent this but this is not the case. As of right now there are no regulations, federal or state, that require that pharmaceutical compounds be monitored and removed from drinking water.

This isn’t the first study to revel that there are contaminants in our drinking water. In fact we have brought several others to your attention over the years. This is why we have been dedicated to providing Des Moines and the surrounding areas with purified drinking water that truly is pure since 1975. At Crystal Clear Bottled Water, our water treatment facilities take out all of these contaminants and bottle pure drinking water that is safe for your entire family. We also offer whole home water filtration systems that filter all of the water in your home before it comes out of a tap. This means that the water you shower with, wash dished with, cook with, wash your clothes with, brush your teeth with, wash your hands with, and drink is purified and safe for use. Contact us today for more information about water delivery for your home or business and a water filtration system.
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