Do You Ever Get Water at a Restaurant?

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What is up with the water needs at restaurants?  Do you find it displeasing that they do not offer good tasting filtered/purified water or even a bottled water option.    Then when they do offer it, they want to sell you a bottle of water for way too much!  I buy bottled water so I know what it should cost.  If it was a reasonable price I would buy it from the establishment.  I find it displeasing that many of these establishments, right in Des Moines, Iowa alone, cannot tell me if their water is filtered from a tap.  It certainly makes it difficult to get a good, clean “trustworthy” bottle or glass of water while dining out.

Someone asked me what it was that I did to help combat this issue, I told them that I just bring my own bottled water to these establishments.  I trust the water and keep my costs down as well.  Maybe if more people were to do this, they might stop and listen that we are not going to be taken advantage of for something that was given to us free and is a necessary function of our bodies to survive.  Stand up and be heard about your water!!

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