Coffee Frustration? The Solution: Single Cup Brewing

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Who is with me on this? You just want a cup of coffee and it seems forever for the coffee pot to brew. Some days it just seems like it should be simpler. Guess what?! It is! Now you can brew coffee by the cup. Within a minute you could have a perfect cup of coffee.

Do you like mild coffee and your significant other likes it so thick a spoon would stand upright in it? This is the perfect coffee system for you! Brew your cup of mild coffee within a minute & have a second, strong cup brewed for him long before one pot of mild coffee would be done. An average pot of 10-cup coffee takes five minutes to brew. In one minute you can have the cup of your choice and well on the way to your day. What a great invention!

And taste? Mmmm mmm……it is better then a $5 cup of coffee from a coffee shop. Think of all the money you can save. One cup, of single brewed coffee, from home, that looks and tastes like it was made in a coffee shop will cost you all of 50 cents. If you were to buy a cup of coffee, at $5 each, from a coffee shop for 20 days you would have spent $100. The same coffee, made by yourself, at 50 cents each, after 20 days would cost you $10. These are savings that can add up!

Get yourself a single cup coffee system……..then think about what you can do with all your extra money & extra time, while enjoying your beautifully brewed cup of 50 cent coffee, that tastes like it came from a coffee shop, in one minute!!

Until next time at ‘The Water Blog’!!!