Coffee: Drink to Your Liking

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How great is it to find that drinking coffee could be so beneficial to your health? As I sit here reading all the benefits of coffee, while enjoying a nice cup of Crème Caramel pod coffee, I think back to years past that coffee was considered an addictive drug and bad for your health. I will never forget the day my son came home from kindergarten (who is now 22 years of age : ) and told me the teachers said, according to his teacher, I am doing drugs! He told me the teachers said anyone who drinks coffee does drugs. Oh my!

Now I can smile about drinking coffee. Recent studies have shown that one or more cups of coffee a day is very beneficial to your health. There are numerous studies being conducted all around the world and they all confirm the same results. (There was no difference in the studies between those who drank regular coffee and those who drank decaf.)

Some of the benefits of drinking coffee are huge! Studies show men and women that drink one or more cups of coffee a day lower the risk of diabetes, dementia, heart disease and even some cancers. Men, who drink more then six cups of coffee everyday, significantly lower their risk of developing prostate cancer. Italian researchers report a 41% less chance of developing liver cancer.

So why not drink up? Even better, why not have coffee to your very liking? Do you like whole beans? Freshly ground? Dark roast? Light roast? Would you enjoy choosing what flavor you would like to have with each cup with a single cup system? Crystal Clear Water can help! We deliver every day to homes and offices in West Des Moines, Ankeny, Clive; anywhere in the Greater Des Moines area.

I am off to make myself another cup of coffee. What shall I have this time? Crème Caramel? Donut Shop? Oh, I know, Espresso Italiano! Until next time at ‘The Water Blog’!!!