Bottled Water – It Should Be Your Choice

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The Des Moines Register recently printed an article written by Diane Heldt for ‘The Gazzette’, in Cedar Rapids, titled ‘Iowa schools offer alternatives to bottled water’. As a consumer that has concerns about water from the tap, I find this movement very disturbing. When did we come to a point that we are not given choices and are forced to conform? I thought the founding basis of our country was so we could have freedoms and choices? Eliminating choices for consumers is absurd!

People deserve a choice about their water. There are several issues here to address. One of those being trihalomethanes (THM’s) in the tap water. In an earlier blog, I explained how bad these contaminants are for your body,…..”liver, kidney and central nervous system problems, some people will experience anemia. Furthermore, some studies report an association between THM’s and adverse birth outcomes.”

Another issue to address from this is that if you are taking away a healthy choice for consumers, what will they choose instead? Will that choice be to drink pop? Maybe, because it is the most convenient. “In 2004 the American Medical Association published a new study in which pop has been linked to a rise in diabetes…tooth decay”  and don’t even get me started on what I am learning about saccharin in our water sources (that is a whole other blog for a whole other day).

Please help our voice be heard. People should have choices about what they put in their bodies. Americans should not be forced to contaminate their bodies, we live in a free country and should be free to make our own consumer choices!

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