Beverage Companies Make Big Promises for America’s Health

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Recently an article (link) was published in The New York Times discussing the plans for major beverage companies (Coca-Cola, PepsiCo & Dr. Pepper Snapple Group) to begin work on a campaign to decrease the number of calories consumed by Americans through sugary beverages over the next 10 years by 20%. While this sounds great and all, what these companies are promising is already beginning to happen.

Between 2000 and 2013 the number of calories consumed by Americans through sugary beverages decreased 12% with increased awareness of the harmful effects of sugar on the body. Since this was beginning to cost the big beverage manufacturers money, over the last 13 years they have started to expand their market into real sugar sodas, 10 calorie sodas, waters, juices, energy and sports drinks. In the last year they have expanded into the personal brewing cups that make single-serve drinks both hot and cold.

Their next ploy is to take the credit for a national decrease in sugar intake that is going to happen with or without the involvement of these companies. They are working to encourage America’s population to drink less sugar through marketing campaigns and smaller bottle and can sizes. This is an attempt to put them on the public’s good side because they appear to be trying to improve America’s health through their campaign. The issue here is that the companies are not fully devoting themselves to improving the health of America, it just appears they have that in the forefront of their marketing and production efforts. If they really wanted to help America they would not be fighting the soda tax that would drive up the cost of drinking harmful sugary beverages, they would be working to find ways to change the recipes of their sodas to reduce the sugar content instead of just decreasing portion sizes and they would not be investing in new beverages in the form of single-serve cups that are packed with sugar.

At Crystal Clear, we want a healthy America. We want to see water become the drink of choice for Americans not just because it is our business, but because it is one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle. Water flushes out the toxins in the body, many which are put there by the sugary beverages America loves so much. Hydration improves brain functioning, memory quality, alertness, energy, workout quality and sleep quality. Sodas, juices, sports drinks and energy drinks do a phenomenal job of dehydrating the body increasing the amount of water you need to stay hydrated.

Our water is purified, safe, delicious and hydrating to your body. We bottle our purified water in a sanitary environment after it has been quality control tested for safety and taste.

If you don’t want to wait 10 years for a 20% reduction in the calories consumed through beverages join our customers and experience a much higher reduction immediately. Our customers replace many of the sugary beverages they used to drink just by having a water cooler in their home or office. Fresh, pure, safe and tasty water is a healthy alternative and is delivered right to your door as often as you need it. Join the thousands of people making the choice to drink Crystal Clear Water and cut your calorie intake today.

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