Avoid Nitrate Pollution: Safe Drinking Water to Stay Healthy and Hydrated

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What is Nitrate Pollution?

It seems that nitrate pollution of water has been in the new a lot recently, especially in the Des Moines area. But what is nitrate pollution? Where does it come from? Nitrates are regularly found in deposits in the ground. They’re so common in Iowa because nitrates are often used in agricultural fertilizers. Nitrate pollution of water occurs when ground water comes into contact with the nitrates in the soil. In Iowa, ground water is a significant source of our water supply, so nitrate pollution is of high concern.

Nitrate pollution in water is harmful to both the environment through contamination and humans through consumption.

In the environment, nitrate pollution of water can harm the delicate freshwater ecosystems that the water travels through. Fish, marine plants, and other wildlife can be killed by the powerful nitrates. On a bigger scale, the Gulf of Mexico is experiencing hypoxic zones, or areas of low oxygen. This is being caused by the high levels of nitrates in the water that is brought to the gulf from inland tributaries. The lack of oxygen is causing diminished nutrients in the gulf, and its natural wildlife is suffering.

Nitrate Pollution in Iowa

Nitrate pollution is of particular concern to Iowans because, according to Des Moines Water Works CEO Bill Stowe, agricultural runoff from Sac, Buena Vista, and Calhoun counties has been depositing nitrate pollutants into the Raccoon River, one of the sources for our drinking water. In humans, toxic levels of nitrates, consumed through drinking, can be harmful and even fatal. Gastric upset, endocrine disruption, and lack of oxygen in the blood are just a few of the harmful side effects of consuming nitrate polluted water. The EPA limits the amount of nitrate that is legally allowed in drinking water, but even with these regulations, you’re not necessarily completely protected.

How Nitrates are Removed from Water

So how can I ensure that I’m protected from harmful nitrates? Many people believe that Brita filters or refrigerator filters can adequately protect them from impurities in drinking water, but that’s just not the case. Though these types of filters can aid in improving the quality of your water, they won’t help to remove toxic and dangerous nitrates. According to the EPA, there are only three proven methods of nitrate removal in drinking water: ion exchange, reverse osmosis, and electrodialysis.

Nitrate Free Water with Crystal Clear Bottled Water

At Crystal Clear Water, we offer a home reverse osmosis system or bottled water to provide higher quality drinking water in your home.  Reverse osmosis works through a pressurized water system that filters through carbon filters and a reverse osmosis membrane, this type of multi-step system produces a purified water. Our 5 gallon bottled water for home and office is purified through an ion exchange process that ensures your drinking water is free of nitrates. Whether your home or workplace is located in Des Moines, Ankeny, Johnston, Urbandale, or Waukee, we can provide safe drinking water through water bottles or water coolers. Water quality is important to us, and protecting the health and safety of our consumers is our goal.

We also supply filtered and purified water that is free of nitrate pollution. Whether to your home or workplace, we can provide safe drinking water through water bottles or water coolers. Our water is quality is important to us, and the health and safety of our consumers is our goal.