We are the only locally owned and operated business with our product offerings and have, proudly, been serving Des Moines since 1975. Everyday, we provide delivery of pure, safe bottled water and coffee products to our customers across Iowa. And, everyday our water treatment systems provide quality water for your home and office.

Our commitment to excellence has been recognized as we are the only Iowa company to have received the prestigious NSF Certification from The Public Health and Safety Company. NSF International is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides standards development, product certification, auditing, education and risk management for public health and the environment.

Crystal Clear Water is Iowa’s only member of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA). IBWA is committed to working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which strictly regulates bottled water as a packaged food product. In addition to the comprehensive FDA and state regulations that govern the bottled water industry, IBWA requires member bottlers to adhere to the IBWA Bottled Water Code of Practice, which mandates additional standards and practices that in some cases are more stringent than federal and state regulations. You can view IBWA’s bylaws here.

Crystal Clear Water also offers Certified Water Treatment Specialist for your water treatment needs. The WQA Professional Certification program helps consumers and employers identify individuals in the point-of-use/point-of-entry water quality improvement industry who have demonstrated a certified level of professional expertise and are dedicated to high professional standards. WQA certification is a voluntary credentialing process. To achieve any WQA-certified title, the candidate must pass a comprehensive exam and accept the WQA Code of Ethics for the Water Quality Improvement Industry.

We serve West Des Moines, Clive, Grimes, Granger, Ankeny, Altoona, Pleasant Hill, and Indianola from our Des Moines location and serve many other cities in Iowa through one of our distributors. Check to see if we deliver to you.